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The secret to getting there?

Intellectually engaged employees.

And a company culture that values learning and curiosity.

With MyBookWorks, world’s first and only employee intellectual wellness company, you can achieve all these and much more. Effortlessly.

Like No Other

During conversations with my former colleagues, who I am referring for various roles in o9 Solutions, I inevitably use MyBookWorks as one of the most appealing facets about o9, telling them, “Hey, we have this excellent service called MyBookWorks where you get to read exceptionally good books that develop you as a person."

- Isaac Zachariah

Solution Architect | o9 Solutions


Because at MyBookWorks, we’re on a quest – to power a reading and learning culture that’s engaging, informative, and inspiring.


How cool is that?

Use MyBookWorks’ hyper-personalized corporate reading program to develop intellectually empowered leaders ready for the next level of growth and evolution.

And see your business transform into a knowledge-driven thought leader. 

Plus watch your employee experience zoom.


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Not just that.

Win lifetime bragging rights for launching a unique, first-of-its-kind employee intellectual wellness program in the entire world.

Working from Home

With MyBookWorks as your employee intellectual wellness partner, you get unparalleled competitive advantages

Run your company-branded hyper personalized employee program 


Build a close-knit employee-led community that connects both your near and remote employees

Upskill employees with ease, enabling them to build leadership and expertise

Become a talent magnet, attracting and keeping the best people with your company

Lead various ‘Fantastic places to work’ lists





Here's a preview of MyBookWorks' bouquet of

rich and exciting experience-driven services


Complete intellectual wellness pack including personalized reading recommendations, intellectual evolution kits, and contests


Leadership and author connects


Custom reading roadmap for each employee


Doorstep book delivery and pickup (in Bengaluru) 


One-on-one personalized support, reading clinics, book clubs and more...

Our clients' success stories are our favorite stories

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"MyBookWorks understands me as an individual and my specific reading journey.

Another massive advantage with MyBookWorks is the way it has simplified the process of reading books.

From sharing the perfect book recommendations to delivering the books right to my doorstep, MyBookWorks has transformed my entire reading experience."

Ananya Sharda

Senior Consultant | o9 Solutions

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"MyBookWorks’ recommendation service is very prompt, and the book delivery is very professional.

Also, the various activities and sessions of MyBookWorks have had a strong impact in bringing employees together and feeling belonged during these difficult times."

Rajesh Nair

Senior Director | o9 Solutions

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Because of MyBookWorks, I’ve been able to get back to books while also getting to explore different genres.

They provide a smooth hassle-free experience, and has just exceeded the expectations by going the extra mile.


And their exciting and intriguing “Wazzat” quizzes really jog your intelligence and understanding.

Naveen Somashekhar

Senior Manager | o9 Solutions

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The best thing about MyBookWorks is its impressive personal touch.

MyBookWorks completely understands my reading preferences. That’s huge, because for me, reading is an intentional pursuit.


Also, this is the fastest pace at which I’ve read books – the books from MyBookWorks are that good!

Moutushi Banerjee

Senior Consultant | o9 Solutions


Before my love for reading was rekindled by MyBookWorks, I used to keep web surfing on my phone before bedtime.


These days, I keep my phone away and read, which has helped me indulge in self-reflection and end my day on a positive note.

Just as importantly, reading books has awakened my intellectual curiosity.

It’s easy to lose your intellectual curiosity in the daily grind, because you are doing a set of routine tasks every day. But when you read a book, you learn something new, sparking new ideas.

Akanksha Vani

Senior Consultant | o9 Solutions


o9ers have been speaking highly about MyBookWorks, with over 98% rating it highly.

MyBookWorks program has helped them not just connect as a community but also manage their stress well.

Kanika Mendiratta

Senior HR Manager | o9 Solutions

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