Our reading fests have become a raging success, each time we organize them.

A huge hit with young kids and adults alike, the fests consistently prove that books and the world they hold the keys to, are fascinating for everyone, no matter how old you are



Well, I expected that the reading fest would be like, I  would go there and read different kinds of books. But when I got there it was totally different. I loved the way it was managed and over all, it was a really fun experience. I got to learn so many different things I never knew. It was a really good way to interact with others. I just look forward for more of these amazing sessions. 

Surabhi, Klassic Landmark, Sarjapur

What I had thought about the reading session was there. It was fun, interesting. I learned something new that day. It was very good. I liked the way it was told. It was well-organized. The questions that were asked were unique and the answers to each question by Prayukth were amazing. The facts about everything, like the dinosaurs, the dolphins, etc. were good. I didn't know some facts. I learned those facts and I can share them to my friends, It was great. 

Thank you so much for organizing this event. I'm looking forward that you would organize more events like this in the future.

Neha, Klassic Landmark, Sarjapur


Some memorable moments captured from one of our reading fests.

Our audience, as always, loved every minute of the session



The session opened up a whole new world of information and curiosity for us. The team from MyBookWorks patiently engaged children well and
I could see that every single child was engaging with the speaker. Prayukth was very inspirational in the way he conducted the session and brought out fascinating bits of information to keep the audience hooked.

Getting children to attend and participate in a reading session on a Sunday was never an easy task but the MyBookWorks team did it effortlessly. The
session was an eye-opener for parents as well. Many children have decided to take up reading more seriously after attending this session and that's the feedback I have got from many parents.

Deepti, Bhuvana Greens, Hosa Road



The presenter Prayukth was amazing. He deftly handled a topic like curiosity, which most of us think we’ve in abundance but then soon realize how much we’ve allowed our innate curiosity to become dormant, courtesy our hectic lives. Truly enjoyed the session. It was an excellent presentation, really liked the way it was structured to provoke us into thinking differently.

Kannan Srinivasan

Senior Executive – o9 Solutions

The session was a deeply engaging one for all of us at o9. In fact, it is the single most attended session conducted by any external speaker at our company so far. The feedback from o9ers was very encouraging with an overwhelming majority rating the session as exceptional. From content to presentation, interactivity, and the
topic this session covered all bases and excited many o9ers enough to make them take up reading again. We would like to thank Prayukth and MyBookWorks team for organizing this reading session for us. We are planning to organize another session soon.

Sejal Kharbanda

HR Executive – o9 Solutions


At o9 Solutions, we conducted our first virtual reading fest. The hour-long session was on nurturing curiosity. The session covered interesting and exciting findings from the world of physics, geology, paleontology, history, and human understanding to build a case for using one's inherent curiosity to power learning and reading habits.


The session was attended by over 66% of the organization's workforce on a Wednesday.

It received rave reviews and we're already planning a sequel.

If you'd like us to host a similar session for your company, reach out to us.


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