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Well, pretty unlike the name, the book speaks volumes! The story of a convicted wife for ruthlessly murdering her husband and then going into a traumatic silence for 6 long years, before she finally decides to speak… is full of twists, turns, and unravels a story that is way beyond one can imagine. Both husband and wife, are in love, artistic, and passionate about each other. Could she really have killed him?

The time to time psychological insights and analysis continues to intrigue one as we can relate and reflect on our situations. The thought that strikes one, at multiple points in the book, is that how our past and our upbringing have a deep-rooted effect on how we perceive the world around us, how each of our choices and subsequent actions is dictated by the atmosphere and the people that we grew up among. How fears and emotions like anger dictate our reflexes, our reactions? An interesting take on the human psyche!

The concise description of not too many characters involved in the plot makes it an easy read for new readers, clubbed with the short, yet enough descriptions to run one’s imagination.

The book grips you right from the beginning and continues to keep up the thrill throughout. Crisp writing and apt narratives make it totally unstoppable a read. Certainly, a must-read for anyone who loves thriller, suspense, and unexpected ending.


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Kanika Mendiratta-Dey

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Human at heart, people's person by profession, perpetual learner and enthusiast by virtue, firm believer of 'Connecting the Thoughts' with a continuous desire to put "Ding in the Universe" before becoming the ding in the sky! Slow but an imaginative reader, with an affinity for thrillers, suspenseful and shocking fiction.


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