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Wazzat Edition 2.0

From the pool of commonly confused words.

Let's dive in!

I wonder when its / it's going to rain?

Doing nothing is very hard to do. You never know when 

your / you're finished.

I refused to accept / except the performance evaluation because there was false information in it.

I wish I had seen the show last night, I heard it was

quiet / quit / quite a performance.

We have not decided weather / whether to have the townhall yet.

It would be more humane / human to treat animals kindly.

The new décor complimented / complemented the company's new direction.

Some wealthy people live on the interest of their money without ever touching the principle / principal.

I would advice / advise you to say nothing.

Who/Whom did Matilda announce as her successor?

There were less / fewer employees at the annual day this year than last year.

In movies, accepting a bribe is often shown by the

discrete / discreet passing of an envelop / envelope.

Those tablets are really efficient / effective; his fever has subsided.

He’s an ingenious / ingenuous engineer and has won several awards in the last 5 years.

Never go to a doctor who's / whose office plants have died.

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