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Winners will be announced on 28th July 2022 during our live webinar on How to manage your money like a PRO (and achieve financial freedom) with national bestselling author Abhishek Kumar. 

Check out the details below about the webinar. 

Hope to see you at the session.


How to easily manage your money like a PRO (and achieve financial freedom)

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Learn easy-to-implement yet highly effective ways to manage your money and grow your wealth. Chat with national bestselling author Abhishek Kumar, one of the most authentic and clearest voices on personal finance, and get all your money-related questions answered in a direct, jargon-free manner.

The session will be hosted by Prayukth K V, Co-Founder of MyBookWorks.

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45 mins

28 July,2022


No complex jargons, no obfuscating explanations.

Just the way personal finance should be.


Build a sustainable retirement corpus and aim for FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early)

You Will Learn How To


Get out of a debt trap perpetuated by financial institutions


Avoid common financial pitfalls

Managing your money shouldn't be hard.

And yet, it is for most of us.

If you've felt confused about managing your money and you find yourself even more confused after talking to "financial experts", then you aren't alone. 

Did you know only 27% Indians understand financial basics?


Worse, just knowing the basics isn't enough especially if you want to achieve true financial freedom.

That's why in this session with Abhishek, you'll not only see personal finance demystified like never before but also learn actionable tips and tactics to put your money-related worries to rest.

Join us at the live session

Get your money related questions answered.  

This is planned to be a highly interactive and practical session.

Share any personal finance related questions you have and Abhishek will answer those during the session.

Your questions will also help many others struggling with similar challenges.

Plus, you get a chance to win a copy of Abhishek's national bestseller "Master Your Money, Master your Life".


This webinar is sponsored by MyBookWorks, world's first and only employee intellectual wellness platform

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