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Akanksha Vani: "Reading great books has awakened my intellectual curiosity"


Akanksha Vani
Senior Functional Consultant @ o9 Solutions

With MyBookWorks, I have gotten back into the habit of reading.

Not just that, I’ve also become motivated to pick up non-fiction books.

What I most like about MyBookWorks…

To put it in perspective, I’ll quote a line from the book Atomic Habits I’m reading now – “What differentiates a winner from a loser is not intent”.

Think of it in the context of 2 individuals - one who wants to read books and another who wants to read but actually doesn’t do so.


The goal is the same for both. They each have the same intent. The only difference is that those who manage to read have a system and a process in place to achieve that goal.


MyBookWorks has helped me set up a process – each month I get a book that I read and return. In fact, my husband gets jealous when he sees me reading books, motivating him to do his own reading, and then we both discuss the books we are reading.

Akanksha Vani | Senior Functional Consultant

Reading has always been very important to me 

As a child, I used to read a lot but then I lost the habit. I would pick up a fancy 500-page book and I wouldn’t make much progress.

That’s where MyBookWorks made all the difference because it started me with books I could easily relate to and enjoyed reading.

The books MyBookWorks recommended to me reminded me of my childhood and how much I enjoyed reading books.


Forming the reading habit became easy with MyBookWorks because at no point I ever felt overwhelmed.

Akanksha Vani | Senior Functional Consultant

When I first heard about MyBookWorks

I thought it was some kind of a reading club. 

It was only after I started with it, I understood it was a personalized book recommendation service where my preferences would be factored in when being given recommendations

Since then, MyBookWorks has continued to amaze me

It has shown me that reading doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

Before MyBookWorks arrived, I used to visit local bookstores, browsing through their book stacks, and still, wouldn’t know which book to pick. There was no one around to tell me, “Take this particular book, you’ll like it”.

But MyBookWorks has done exactly that for me, making my reading as seamless as possible.


I have loved the books from MyBookWorks - such a lovely collection! Some of the books that I’ve gotten from MyBookWorks are simple and yet the messages are so powerful.

Another thing is the ease of the entire process, from requesting a book to getting an awesome book delivered right to my place, which has made my life easy! I don’t have to worry about anything - the book reaches my place and is picked up on time from my place. That’s amazing!

Akanksha Vani | Senior Functional Consultant

Reading great books has awakened my intellectual curiosity

Before my love for reading was rekindled by MyBookWorks, I had a habit of sitting with my phone and web surfing before bedtime.

These days, I keep my phone away at night and pick up whichever book I’m reading, and even if it’s for 15-20 mins, I read.


This has helped me indulge in self-reflection and end my day on a positive note.

Just as importantly, reading great books has awakened my intellectual curiosity.

I come across something in a book, a fact, or something the characters in a book might have said, and I get curious about those, and I think deeply about what I have read, so yes, reading books has definitely sparked my intellectual curiosity.


It’s easy to lose your intellectual curiosity in the daily grind because you are doing a set of routine tasks every day. But when you read a book, you learn something new, and that not only breaks the set patterns of our daily lives but also sparks new ideas.

Akanksha Vani | Senior Functional Consultant

Just get started with reading

If you want to get into the habit of reading, start with something simple, something that you will enjoy.

And then stay with it. When you build a habit of reading, you’ll find your focus automatically improving with it. Soon, you’ll start enjoying reading books. And with MyBookWorks, building sustainable reading habits has become a lot easier!


Akanksha Vani

Hello, I'm a Senior Functional Consultant with the Delivery Unit at o9 Solutions and I've been with o9 for over 2 years.

I love colors, illustrations, details, books, food, animals and cars. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, watching movies and series. I love crime, detective, thriller and comedy genres. 

Recently, with MyBookWorks I've discovered a new genre of books - illustrated novels and I'm hooked!

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