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Deepa Sreekumar,

Senior IT Manager,

Dell India

The biggest advantage I experienced with MyBookWorks is that it doesn’t treat you as just a customer.

Instead, it understands you as an individual and knows what is good for you, to help you continually evolve as a reader.


Of all the services I have or I am subscribed to, I haven’t seen such a personalized attention to detail and to customer service anywhere else.

As a working professional with a young family, not having enough time is something I struggle with a lot. 


MyBookWorks personalized recommendations, home delivery and flexible billing have therefore, been three major benefits.

I absolutely enjoy the personalized recommendations and the fantastic book collection of MyBookWorks. It doesn’t stock run-of-the-mill books and in so many ways has compelled my son and I to get out of our comfort zone as readers, to truly develop into more sophisticated readers.


Earlier, I would also spend a lot of time trying to find my next book to read. I am able to save all that time, thanks to the awesome books I am recommended.

The other aspect that I have come to really enjoy is the home delivery service. It’s so convenient, I get a seamless reading experience without the hassles of driving around to get books.

The flexible billing service is yet another plus. With my other subscription, I would pay a fixed amount, irrespective of how much I read in a certain month.


With MyBookWorks, depending on our reading frequency, say when my son is having his exams or I have a hectic month ahead at work, we dial down our reading and I can accordingly pay a lower subscription fee.

To sum up, the personalization at some many levels, works for me extremely well.

I have recommended MyBookWorks to my friends as well. It's great to endorse a service I can feel so good about sharing with my network.

Bhuvnesh Agrawal,

Staff Engineer,


Before subscribing to MyBookWorks, we thought a lot about the kind of books our child should be reading and what would work best for him.


So, we were looking for some good books because sometimes, our son would like a book and other times he wouldn’t.

But after we joined MyBookWorks, we didn’t have to worry about such things. Because MyBookWorks took care of it all by recommending what kind of books our son would like to read.

And once he started to read the books delivered by MyBookWorks, it was awesome because he just loved those books.


At his age, he cannot read a lot of text, he just wants books with more pictures, with things depicted visually more than just plain text.


He doesn’t have the patience to study so much text. All these factors were taken into consideration by MyBookWorks when it suggested books.

I would recommend MyBookWorks to all parents because these days parents are extremely busy and they don’t have the time to find the books that would be suitable for their children.


And that’s why, MyBookWorks is the best!


Because MyBookWorks will take care of your children’s reading needs so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Dr Narin Chauhan,

Country Head,

Oxford Nanopore Technologies

While I love to read books, I only like to read physical books; I don’t use Kindle and I don’t like eBooks.


I am also choosy about the genres I read.

Two of the big challenges that I face as an avid reader are often books that I am interested in are either not available or are too expensive to buy.


I also keep traveling frequently for work, which means paucity of time to search and buy books is a big challenge, given my hectic schedule.

With MyBookWorks, I have found the perfect solution.


I get awesome book recommendations with the books delivered promptly to my address.


MyBookWorks aligns with my philosophy of reading physical books and delivers only print books.


I find MyBookWorks’ subscription fees to be a great value for money. It’s so cool because I don’t break my bank trying to buy costly books that I would read just once.

Highly recommended!

Gaurav Mojasia

Senior Product Manager,


I subscribed to MyBookWorks because I found its concept of personalized book recommendations hugely appealing.

My six year old daughter is a finicky reader and while I was keen that she read more books, it was increasingly becoming a challenge for my wife and I to figure out what books would be interesting to our daughter.

That's when MyBookWorks came to our rescue!


My daughter Anusha loved it from the word go. MyBookWorks recommended books that Anusha read within days.

And she drew and wrote amazing reviews of the books she had read from MyBookWorks. And she was so excited when MyBookWorks published her works on its website.

Her joy was such a treat to watch for us!

I would highly recommend MyBookWorks to parents who are in a similar situation as I was in. Just go ahead and subscribe to MyBookWorks, you will be absolutely delighted with it!

Aditi Srikrishnan,


When I got my reading list from MyBookWorks, I was, “Hey, this is really nice and I’d love to read these books!

You don’t need to search Amazon, Google or Flipkart for the books that you want. Because the recommendations that MyBookWorks gives are really nice and personalized and that one’s a big, big, big benefit.

And MyBookWorks delivers the books right at your doorstep. So like even if you are busy, like I might be having exams, so I can’t really go to the library to pick up my books, so in that sense MyBookWorks really helps.

I had asked for a few books and I really wanted them. And MyBookWorks didn’t have it in its collection and then something that I really loved about MyBookWorks, that was really sweet of MyBookWorks was that they went out of their way to get those books for me and that really wowed my heart.

Well, to all those people out there who read books, keep going. And it’s like really wonderful. Even if you think you don’t like books, everyone has a certain book for them. You’ll just need to try it. And I know many people read books on Kindle, reading eBooks and I do it too.

But when you get that real book in your hands then it’s a feeling like no other. I really recommend MyBookWorks and then try first reading with the book, actual book than a Kindle or anything else. It really gives you a wonderful feeling. Keep reading!

Brigadier A Ghosh (Retd),

Army Officer

Thanks MyBookWorks for recommending Bruce Schneier's book on cyber security, "Click here to kill everybody" and promptly delivering it to me.


The book gave me a wonderful reading experience and it was very informative.


Please suggest more books.


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