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What Our Corporate Clients Are Saying About MyBookWorks

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Ananya Sharda
Senior Consultant,
o9 Solutions

During MyBookWorks’ onboarding session at my company o9 Solutions, I was excited to hear about how it offers personalized book recommendations.

In fact, when I signed up for MyBookWorks, it asked me to share my reading preferences and my biggest challenges with respect to reading books.


That was a really powerful way to understand me as an individual and my specific reading journey.

It’s almost 3 months since I started with MyBookWorks and in these 3 months, I’ve finished reading 3 books and I’m on to my 4th book.


MyBookWorks’ excellent variety of books is one of the biggest advantages I have as its reader.


Another massive advantage with MyBookWorks is the way it has simplified the process of reading books.


From sharing the perfect book recommendations to delivering the books right to my doorstep, MyBookWorks has transformed my entire reading experience.


All I need to do is, simply sit back and enjoy the books.


Moutushi Banerjee
Senior Consultant,
o9 Solutions

The best thing about MyBookWorks is its impressive personal touch.


From the beginning, MyBookWorks has actively engaged with me by completely understanding my reading preferences.


That’s hugely important because for me, reading is an intentional pursuit.


And that’s exactly what happened when I started with MyBookWorks.


Also, this is the fastest pace at which I’ve completed reading books – the books are that good.

Just as importantly, I don’t spend time these days searching for good books.


MyBookWorks has already taken care of that by giving me great books.

Rajesh Nair.png

Rajesh Nair
Senior Director,
o9 Solutions

Books shared by MyBookWorks are very unique and interesting. All the books have powerful themes with stories and values that kids both enjoy and learn from.


My elder daughter is an avid reader and these books have helped her get through most of her time productively. My daughter immensely enjoys reading books from MyBookWorks.


MyBookWorks’ recommendation service is very prompt, and the book delivery is very professional as well.


Also, all the different sessions/activities conducted by MyBookWorks, have had a strong impact in bringing people together and feeling belonged during these difficult times.


Kanika Mendiratta
Co-Sponsor - MyBookWorks Engagement and
Senior HR Manager @ 
o9 Solutions

Most companies talk about the importance of personalized services but there’s one company that truly walks the talk when it comes to personalization. And that’s MyBookWorks.


At o9 Solutions, we decided to partner with MyBookWorks for the first-of-its-kind corporate reading program for o9ers, both within Bangalore and outside.

From personalized book recommendations, doorstep book deliveries to personalized interactions, MyBookWorks really cares about providing the best experience for its readers.


We kickstarted our engagement with MyBookWorks in March and from the beginning, we’ve seen overwhelmingly positive response from o9ers to it.  


o9ers have been speaking highly about MyBookWorks, with over 98% rating it highly.


Many o9ers, including senior leaders, have reached out to us about how our MyBookWorks program has played an important role in helping them not just feel more engaged and connected as a community but also manage their stress in these difficult times.


My spouse who’s a voracious reader has become a huge fan of the books shared by MyBookWorks. As for me, I’ve been trying to get back to reading for a long time but it was MyBookWorks that helped me rediscover the joy of reading with some great books.


A huge thanks to MyBookWorks team for genuinely caring about its clients and for the awesome work it has been doing.

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