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Moutushi Banerjee

Senior Consultant @ o9 Solutions

Moutushi joined o9 Solutions last year after she graduated with an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS).

A voracious reader, Moutushi was eager to step away from what had become her comfort zone when it came to books. She wanted to explore new genres and titles.

Yet, she was apprehensive about how that experience would turn out to be.

Serendipitously, in February this year, o9 Solutions partnered with MyBookWorks to launch a first-of-its-kind corporate reading program for all o9ers in India.

Moutushi decided to subscribe to MyBookWorks after its first onboarding session in March.

Here’s what Moutushi shares about her MyBookWorks’ experience.

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The best thing about MyBookWorks is its impressive personal touch.

From the beginning, MyBookWorks has actively engaged with me by completely understanding my reading preferences and the kind of books I’d like to read.


That’s hugely important because reading is a very intentional pursuit for me. I’m very clear about why I want to read, that is, to grow as a person.

And that’s exactly what happened when I started with MyBookWorks.

I’ve read more than 5 books since joining MyBookWorks and each book has been amazing.

Before I joined MyBookWorks, I struggled with finding good books. Usually, I’d read the summary of a book, then a few pages in the middle and assume it would be a good book. But then when I’d actually start reading it, I’d find the same things repeated over and over again, causing me to lose interest in the book.

With MyBookWorks, that has never happened.

When I started with MyBookWorks, I wanted it to recommend non-fiction books even though I hadn’t enjoyed any of the non-fiction I had read in the past.

MyBookWorks started me with biographies, a genre I was not at all into. And I was pleasantly surprised when I started enjoying reading the recommended biographies, which were excellent and so well-written. I gained a lot of insight into people and reading these books helped reaffirm an important fact - that a person is not only a product of his/her environment but also a product of his/her own thoughts and active choices.

Thanks to MyBookWorks, I have enjoyed reading not just biographies but also books from genres as diverse as philosophy, psychology, business and more.

With MyBookWorks, I don’t feel like I’m wasting time reading books that aren’t adding any value to me.

Also, this is the fastest pace at which I’ve completed reading books – the books are that good.

Just as importantly, I don’t spend time these days searching for good books. MyBookWorks has already taken care of that by giving me great books.

I highly recommend MyBookWorks. It’s doing such an incredible work in redefining the reading experience for readers like me.

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