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How Isaac Zachariah Discovered New Dimensions of Thinking 



Isaac Zachariah | Solution Architect, o9 Solutions

My first impression

I first came across MyBookWorks in an onboarding mail sent by Shagun.

When I read that MyBookWorks curates books, gives personalized recommendations, and provides doorstep delivery and pickup of its books, it put a smile on my face :)

In addition, I can directly reach out to Deepthi, the Founder of MyBookWorks, and share my reading experience - that kind of approachability is not just fantastic, but also unheard of.


"With its very first recommendation, MyBookWorks caught my attention because the recommendation could only be made by someone who has thoroughly analyzed and understood what a person’s interests are."

Isaac Zachariah | Solution Architect

It's a treat to receive highly personalized recommendations and books that aren’t connected with just work.


"Reading real stories of incredible individuals, while reflecting on your own life, is what truly changes you. This is where I believe MyBookWorks scores big with its amazing books."

Isaac Zachariah | Solution Architect

What we don't realize in our daily rush of living is that one can work all day and still remain the same person, who goes back home and picks up the same arguments.

Also, one doesn’t become a better person by only reading technical or management books.


"I've even been telling my wife that the books I've read from MyBookWorks have opened up new dimensions of thinking in me. The ability to mold individuals into better people is one of the greatest aspects of MyBookWorks."

Isaac Zachariah | Solution Architect

With MyBookWorks, we don’t just get books

I used to read a lot earlier. In fact, for the last 5-6 years, I have been regularly attending the Bangalore Literature Festival, buying a lot of books at the festival.

2 years ago, when my daughter was born, I noticed that even though I continued buying books and starting them with gusto, I’d quickly get distracted, and would give up mid-way before moving on to something else.

And that’s where MyBookWorks has helped me stay the course.


"Because with MyBookWorks, we don’t just get books, we get a book with a timeline that nudges us to complete a book on time.

I am more conscious of the fact that I need to complete the book and send it back so that other subscribers get to read it as well."

Isaac Zachariah | Solution Architect

Like No Other

o9 is my fifth company - I have worked in four other companies and none of the companies provided such a special service to their employees.


"In fact, during conversations with my former colleagues -- who I am referring for various roles in o9 -- I inevitably use MyBookWorks as one of the appealing facets about o9, telling them, “Hey, we have this excellent service called MyBookWorks where you get to read exceptionally good books that develop you as a person.”

Isaac Zachariah | Solution Architect

MyBookWorks has also become my selling point to friends working with other companies so that they will be tempted to join o9 as well!


Isaac Zachariah

Hi, I am Zac! I joined o9 Solutions 4 months ago, and I have 10 years of experience with four different companies.


I have been into books since my teenage days. I started with religion and fiction but my reading interests kept changing with time, and now I'm mostly glued to science and nonfiction.


I've also tried my hands at slam poetry for some time, performing in local poetry clubs, and later dabbled with music and pencil sketches. 

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MyBookWorks is available for all o9ers

Join MyBookWorks to get a unique, indulgent reading experience designed just for you.

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