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Wazzat Edition 3.0

Idioms that make sense in your world.

Simply complete the sentences with the right choices.

Break a leg!

Sandy realized when she tried to open the car door that she had mistaken Anita’s keys

The early morning advertisements are targeted

You cannot substitute

She is regarded

Ramya is a native

The family fortune was estimated

The documentary depicted the soldiers

If you contrast her findings ______ those of previous studies, you will see that further research is necessary.

Marissa has nothing in common ______ her coworkers

He is believed __________ the mastermind behind the crime

I attribute my success _____ years of hard work

For the presentation, include both analysis __________ insights

He considers Dr Kalam 

He prefers readings books _____ watching TV

The study found that individuals who worried excessively _____ fitting in with their peers developed anxiety issues.

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