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"I love reading but I feel overwhelmed with the volume and variety of books out there"

"I'm apprehensive about reading different books and not liking them"

"Books are my oxygen but good books are so expensive"

"I want to read but I don't know where to start"

"I want to explore beyond my tried-and-tested genres but I'm not sure how"

Then it has never been easier to

Find fabulous books you'll love reading

Develop a consistent reading habit

Upskill and become your best version with ease




Corporate Library Solution

With 99% high user ratings

Yep, it's that good!

And it's because...

MyBookWorks is all about  You

"What do you mean by that?", you wonder

Glad you asked (ahem, wondered)

Here's how MyBookWorks keeps You, precious reader, at the center of our universe

Personalized Book Recommendations

You get fabulous books that are also precisely what you'd need at that point

Doorstep Book Delivery and Pickup

Your books are delivered right to your doorstep and picked up when you are ready to return them

One on One Personalized Support

You get custom support at every step of your reading journey

Contests and Challenges

Fun activities that are also intellectually stimulating

Author Connects

Converse with your favorite authors about your favorite books

Book Clubs

Share perspectives about your reads with your colleagues and find great friends and collaborators at work

Exceptional Books

Discover lip-smackingly fabulous books you'd love to read and brag about. 

Personalized Intellectual Evolution Toolkits

To help you reflect, decide, and choose new themes and genres to explore


Exclusive access to premium content, masterclasses, events and custom-designed marketing roadmaps

Best of both worlds

Deeply immersive personalized experience 

Fun bonding and learning with colleagues

With MyBookWorks, world’s first and only employee intellectual wellness company, you can achieve all these and much more. Effortlessly.

Like No Other

During conversations with my former colleagues, who I am referring for various roles in my company o9 Solutions, I inevitably use MyBookWorks as one of the most appealing facets about o9, telling them, “Hey, we have this excellent service called MyBookWorks where you get to read exceptionally good books that develop you as a person."

- Isaac Zachariah

Solution Architect | o9 Solutions


Alrighty, I'm loving it already! 

How do I get started with MyBookWorks?

It's completely FREE for you if your company signs up for a MyBookWorks subscription

All you've to do is refer MyBookWorks to your HR, L&D or a senior decision maker in your company.


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What Our Users Say About Us

Only because of MyBookWorks I have completed 13+ books in 7 months. Even I'm amazed that I've read so many books."

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Arifa Shirreen, Application QA Engineer

"From sharing the perfect book recommendations to delivering the books right to my doorstep, MyBookWorks has transformed my entire reading experience."

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Ananya Sharda, Associate Solution Architect

"The best thing about MyBookWorks is its impressive personal touch by completely understanding my reading preferences."

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Moutushi Banerjee, Solution Architect

"MyBookWorks has sparked my intellectual curiosity! I love the books I get from them."


Akanksha Vani,

Senior Consultant

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