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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

The Boy Who Put Glitter Eyeshadow

Himani Bhaisare and Aravind Unnikrishnan

The house mourns now that she has gone

Desperately I dig through her cabinet to find anything to hold on.

My dewy gaze lands upon her glitter eyeshadow.

Mesmerized, I put it and my eyes lit up like rainbow

Unaware, the devil stood behind me with his eyes filled with rage

“Stop this at once! Act like the boys your age!”

He struck me across the face and labelled me an abomination

No boy I knew liked glitter eyeshadow so must be true I thought, the allegation.

Bruised and bleeding I hid from him in the closet of hers

Found two angels with broken wings and wrinkled skin in the drawers.

The old rusty sprites started singing songs of freedom and fight

“We are everywhere! Those of us who like glitter!” said one with all their might.

Every day I would sit there and learn of my identity

Knowing there are people like me in the world gave me serenity

As it sang its last tune, I realized they were left to me by mother

She knew I’d need them one day after she’s gone, in the hope to save me the fate I suffer.

The stained papyrus armed me with spells enchanted

If it wasn’t for them, I would have been locked forever with my knowledge scanted.

With a purple heart, I get out because now the devil scared me not

I walk proudly out of the house knowing I’m not made to rot.

“Do you not care what the people call an unnatural?” asked the devil shocked

“Look! He’s a tranny! how you will be remarked.”

“Its not He. Its She” placidly said I and left him dismayed.

Freedom and identity were the weapons handed down for my aid

By warriors who put their words in books unafraid.


Himani Bhaisare

Functional Consultant, o9 Solutions

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Aravind Unnikrishnan

Developer, Valuefy Solutions

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