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Naveen Somashekar on Reading: "It's a Different Kind of An Entertainment"

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Naveen Somashekar
Customer Success Manager @ o9 Solutions

Unique and Different

With MyBookWorks’ very first onboarding session at o9 Solutions, I understood this was a one-of-its-kind company with a differentiated set of offerings.

Flexibility To Choose Genres

What I most like about MyBookWorks is that it allows you to choose the genres you are interested to read and then provides you with great recommendations from your preferred genres.

And if you aren’t comfortable with the recommendation, you can always request for a different book which MyBookWorks promptly provides.

To add, the only time this happened was with my first read from MyBookWorks.

Few weeks after delivering it to me, MyBookWorks’ team reached out to check whether I liked the book. But the moment I mentioned I wasn’t enjoying the book as much as I had hoped to, they immediately gave me another recommendation and promptly delivered the book to me.


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And from thereon, it has been one great book after another from MyBookWorks.

Naveen Somashekar | Customer Success Manager

Hassle-Free Recommendation And Delivery Service

The other thing I like about MyBookWorks is its hassle-free operations, as you really don’t have to bother with anything nor do a follow up. The books are delivered to your doorstep on a mutually agreed date and time without fail.

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Exciting and Intriguing Quizzes

The third best thing about MyBookWorks are its exciting and intriguing “Wazzat” quizzes conducted once a month – these quizzes really jog your intelligence and understanding.

Naveen Somashekar | Customer Success Manager

Engaging Medium And Fantastic Variety Make A Great Combination

Thanks to MyBookWorks, I have been able to get back to reading physical books rather than the online versions, providing me with a great reading experience.

I’ve explored different genres and have discovered many different authors and titles.


The team is also generous in allowing you to extend the return date, of course within reasonable span, in case you are unable to complete your book in due time.

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Making Time for Reading

Though it’s often difficult for me to find the time to read given my work schedule, I still try to take out time each afternoon and evening for around 15-30 mins to ensure I read.

Additionally, whenever I have some time off from work or there’s nothing interesting on TV, I get hold of my book, often reading for hours together.

Naveen Somashekar | Customer Success Manager

The Way I Have Sustained My Reading Habits

I have found that if a book is really intriguing, you just gravitate towards it. And that’s why I think my choice of genres such as suspense, detective, thrillers, and war biographies has helped a lot in this respect.

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"Reading Is A Different Kind Of Entertainment"

Unlike a movie which finishes in 3 hours, a book does take more time to finish but it also keeps you far more engaged and involved. In doing so, I’ve found it helps you improve your focus and concentration skills.

Naveen Somashekar | Customer Success Manager

Exceeding Expectations

Since subscribing to MyBookWorks’ services, I’ve observed that it has always stayed true to its words. In fact, not only have they met their commitments, but also gone the extra mile to exceed the expectations.

Thank you MyBookWorks and keep up the good work! 😊

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Naveen Somashekar

Hi, I'm Naveen! I’m a Customer Success Manager with o9 Solutions and I’ve around 19 years of experience in Supply Chain domain.


I love to spend my free time reading books, watching movies, or web series, especially that're thriller-, suspense-, or detective-based.

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