Are you tired of wondering what to read next?

Another book isn't the answer.

Instead, what you need is another great book.

What do we mean by a great book?

A great book is one that stays with you long after you've finished reading it.

​Simply put, a great book is the best food for your heart and for your brain.

Hi, I'm Prayukth.


I'm here to help you connect with great books. And I'm excited and delighted to welcome you to experience MyBookWorks.

At MyBookWorks, we care about your reading experience and personal growth which is why everything we do is customized for you at a personal level.


This means we don’t offer any ‘herd packages’ to dilute your individual equity nor do we bracket you in a category and keep you there. 


Because You Matter.  

With MyBookWorks, you won't get just a book. Instead, you connect with a whole new world of indulgent reading experience. You have my word on that. So join us on this journey of discovery and growth.

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Personalized Recommendations You'll Love

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What MyBookWorks' Clients Are Saying

Deepa Sreekumar,

Senior IT Manager,

Dell India

I absolutely enjoy the personalized recommendations and the fantastic book collection of MyBookWorks. It doesn’t stock run-of-the-mill books and in so many ways has compelled my son and me to get out of our comfort zone as readers, to truly develop into more sophisticated readers.

Of all the services I have or I am subscribed to, I haven’t seen such personalized attention to detail and to customer service anywhere else... 

Aditi Srikrishnan,


When I got my reading list from MyBookWorks, I was, “Hey, this is really nice and I’d love to read these books!

You don’t need to search Amazon, Google, or Flipkart for the books that you want. Because the recommendations that MyBookWorks gives are really nice and personalized and that one’s a big, big, big benefit.

And MyBookWorks delivers the books right at your doorstep...

Dr. Narin Chauhan,

Country Head,

Oxford Nanopore Technologies

With MyBookWorks, I have found the perfect solution.

I get awesome book recommendations with the books delivered promptly to my address.


MyBookWorks also aligns with my philosophy of reading print books and delivers only hardcover books...

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